In theory, losing weight is the simplest thing to do.
Losing weight is so simple and yet most people struggle with it, so why do they struggle?

The reasons are varied and often very different, I have
brainstormed a little and tried to come up with a list of why
most people struggle to lose weight.

Keeping in mind that sometimes more than one motive will apply and these are by no means placed in order of importance, also I say "they" but I am also part of "them" as I have often found myself in various stages of fitness ranging from fit to "having to lose weight" all the way to very obese and then back to overweight and fit again.

Why are overweight and obese people not thin and fit?

Because they..

- don' know how to lose weight
- don' want to lose weight
- don' think they need to lose weight
- like it the way they are
- think they like it the way they are
- think that losing weight is very difficult
- think that losing weight is impossible
- have tried everything and found that nothing works
- need to eat a lot because they have nothing else to do
- eat a lot to fight depression
- can' choose what they eat
- suffer from a medical condition
- WANT to be obese
- think that being obese is a genetical trait
- think that they haven' found the right pills
- think that they don' have the money to buy healthy food
- have no time to prepare healthy food
- have to eat a lot due to stress
- drink alcohol