Forget "losing weight", try "getting addicted" to living!
How my getting fit missions slowly become addictive and start feeding on themselves.

 << Continued from my own (losing weight) missions <<

You will find that getting fit eventually become as addictive as eating donuts, the benefit of course is a well sculpured body and muscles which burn calories even on your days off.

Have you seen the movie "Limitless"? That's in a small scale what starts to happen when you have been piling up missions for a while. This is in essence how I "lose weight".

I achieve it by gradually adding a good practice at the time to my life and  eventually I perform these motions as a habit, without thinking or having to decide anything, it just happens just like when you get on the bus and you let the bus take you, the bus of life and from then you will start reaping the benefits of habit and repetitive bahaviour.

Eventually because of the power of habit, you'll find one morning that you are pumping adrenaline into your body and having fun, you'll find yourself going twice as fast as everyone else, performing your job quicker and more dinamically, possibly getting promoted because of it, so even earning more money.

Your life becomes more pleasant, you look forward to waking up in the morning and starting your daily routine, taking that initial swim to set you off for a great day.

After learning that by getting up early and getting fit I got some "Limitless" abilities, I always tried to recreate the situation where I got up before others and exercized. During these times I was not on a mission to lose weight but on a mission to gain power and strenght and lucidity and as a result, I was keeping fit and my body became rock hard, my mind sharp, procastination did not exist and much of my day was performed taking advantage of habit and repetitive behaviour within which I could then insert even studying or learning about new things, in other words I learned to be organized in a way that my life becomes a "togetherness of organized time clusters" within which I can still be as disorganized/imaginative and free to experiment as I wish.

During the fall of the DDR regime I happened to be in Berlin  to study the language and to support me I was working in a restaurant that was about 13 miles away with no easy transport to get there, I solved it by going there by bycicle, after a while it was no big sweat, and in the big city traffic it was the quickest way there and cheapest, too.
Only problem was that once there I was all sweaty so I had to take a quick shower and change clothes, same thing when I got back home from work.

By using a pushbike to get to work I achieved many things:

1) I got there faster than using any other mode of transport and this was my main point for going there by bycicle.

2) After a while I was as fit as you can be, this of course gave me great quality sleep, a perfect digestive system, clear mind and all good things that come from being in great shape.

3) I got to see the City and "be in it" in a way that you cannot achieve when traveling by car or public transport . It allowed me to descover great things on route, such as many small little shops, a park with pond, two museums and even got to meet fellow cyclists which whom I shared some great moments, even beyond these going-to-work times.

As I grew older and started to appreciate beer, a bit of a beer gut appeared and once more I found myself on a mission to lose weight, I remember making a point to going swimming each day but even when I got some good stamina from it and managed to swim very fast for long periods of time, my belly didn't want to release the last bits of fat.

So I increased the effort by hanging from a branch in my garden and pulling my knees up to my chin.. the first times I could do this only about 3 times, by the time I was able to do 50 such pull ups in the morning and 50 in the afternoon my belly was long gone and abdominal muscles were showing,  I could then release a bit the effort but I was somewhat used to the routine and I simply continued.. a welcome bonus to doing these pull ups was immense relief from the pain that my over compressed lower spine discs could give me if/when left "unattended/untreated/undealt with".