Giving up smoking
Here's some giving up smoking ammo, read and understand all this and ACT on it.

- What is an addiction, how we become addicted to something

We become addicted to poisons and anything that our bodies are allergic to. Nicotine is one of the strongest poisons known to man and this makes it a very addictive substance, one of the most addictive  in existance.

- How we can be addicted to tobacco without paying the price for being addicted to tobacco

We are addicted to NICOTINE and NICOTINE only. So long as we get nicotine into our body, we have pleased our addiction, this is as simple as it gets. Just like someone who is thirsty needs to drink water to stop his thirst, someone who is craving for a cigarette is just craving for the NICOTINE within that cigarette.

There are different ways to get nicotine into our body and smoking is one very harmful way of doing it, and even if we were to use smoking to get the nicotine shot our body needs, there are even different levels of smoking in terms of harm to our bodies.

- I am a smoker: What is it that may kill me?

Look at your cigarette very closely, there are rings all around it. We won't go into what substance those rings are made from but let's talk about what they are there for. They are there to keep your cigarette burning. Bit like what gunpowder does, or lightning matches: when heat gets to the ring, the ring will burn to keep the cigarette burning.

Now, you are addicted to Nicotine and that's a fact. But being addicted to Nicotine doesn't mean that you have to breathe in the gases generated by those little gunpowder rings. I am not a scientist but it doesn't take being one to know that breathing in the smoke generated by those rings will eventually kill you.

And this has NOTHING to do with your NICOTINE addiction.

When your body complains that your addiction must be fed, it is craving for NICOTINE and nothing else, even the paper which surrounds/wraps the tobacco isn't needed and it is way more cancerous than NICOTINE. Or is it? you may want to go search info about it, I repeat that I am not a scientist but being a logical person, it stands to reason that inhaling burned paper isn't going to help my lungs or my body, so why do it? Do I need to inhale paper to keep at bay my NICOTINE addiction? Nope I don't.

To keep my NICOTINE addiction at bay, I simply need NICOTINE, in the amount that my body is asking for, any less than that will not make the craving go away, any more than that will hurt me and might even kill me. So, why is it that if I need NICOTINE I am then inhaling gunpowder, paper, even the tobacco itself can be eliminated from the equation, indeed if we want to make the craving for NICOTINE go away, we just have to get a NICOTINE fix, nothing more, nothing less, in fact the truth is, to have our nicotine fix we don't have to burn anything, we can get our fix via other means, forget getting it via our lungs, they aren't very good means of getting a substance into our bodies.

- Different ways of getting a nicotine fix

I am sure there are way more than I will mention here but listing them all isn't important, what is important is to show to the addicted that he/she has a choice. Being addicted to NICOTINE doesn't mean that one has to buy that brand of Cigarettes from that Tobacconist so he/she can smoke that cigarette in that same usual spot at that same usual time.

The addiction only means that a nicotine fix is required, everything else is very bearable, especially if your life depends on it and you can BET that your life does depend on it. Based on my own smoking experience here's a list of everything that was available to me when I wanted to get my nicotine fix, including the down sides of the method, the way I lived them myself. Smoking a Cigarette.

Pro: -I just carry a pack in my pocket, when I need one I'll just light one and inhale, instant happiness, if I don't have a pack I'll just buy one from the many places where I can buy one, and just in case I'll keep extra packs in the house, they also smell good-

Con: -Nicotine in this form is one of the most expensive, to get nicotine into my blood, I must inhale other, way more harmful substances than nicotine itself such us "gunpowder", paper, tobacco and whatever it is they treat tobacco with-

Smoking a roll up.

Pro: - I just carry a pouch in my pocket, it slows me down as I must physically make my own roll ups but I could pre make them in my own home, also after a while one gets used to make them in a very short time, and the creation process is a time that one can sit down and almost meditate, yes, rolling up is definitely a bit of a meditation time, you find a quiet spot, you bring out all your papers, your tobacco and even your filter (roach in the UK?) material, you might even share this time with friends, it's a social, easy time..

This is the end of the article and from here I can only go on to talk about NICORETTE. I don't sell Nicorette, I want to talk about it because at this point of MY giving up it is very important to use it. It is important because this is the only way I know where you can get the poison you are addicted to, in another form apart from cigarettes.