Better than an effort, it should be a Mission!
Bit of a diary, bit of an example to illustrate how determined one should be.

I have been in the situation of needing to lose weight many times in my life, and depending on my circumstances or even age and weight, my efforts  have been different. For the purpose of this article and even this whole website, "my losing weight/getting fit times" will be referred to as "the mission" (haha).

I'll go off into what some of my missions were so as to give you ideas, you don't have to copy me as I have always been quite hard on myself and was never too able to keep up a mission for a very long time so I just concentrated a lot of effort into it.

First time, I was 18 years old and found myself with about 10 kgs to lose, to give you a rough idea that's a bit more than 2 gallons of water.
I simply started to run from my home 2 miles to the pine woods, through the woods to the other end for another 2 miles and then back home for a total of 8 miles. Someone told me that if you wear some nylon top you will sweat a lot, I did so and I did sweat some water off.

I did that every day for about a month and by the end of it I was back to normal.  I would not recommend you cover ourself with nylon so that you can sweat, your body needs to breathe and this is just a silly shortcut that leads nowhere but  I was young and did not know any better.

Another time I simply started going to the local swimming pool in the morning before work. I swam very fast for 30 minutes each day for about 3 months till it became integral part of my day.
I clearly remember that getting up about 90 minutes before everybody else in the big city gave me a big advantage over others.

By the time I went into work I had already walked a mile to the swimming pool, swam 30 minutes, took a shower, walked back home, had an egg and an orange and went into work to find that most everyone was still half asleep or had woken up less than 20 minutes before, and they still couldn't get two words together.

Somehow this advantage was felt throughout the day, the downside being that towards the end of the day I became tired and switched off before the others, when others might have gone for a night out I might have gone to bed, which helped me be ahead than everyone else once more the day after and so I kept that routine way longer than I had to, because in the end my whole life gained from it, even money wise and promotion wise.  Also, my work was easier and simpler to do and required much less effort, I managed to include a quick run in the park each day after work and people often asked me where I found the energy, which puzzled me as I didn't know.. but then I slowly started to realize that the energy came from the swimming and the running.  I was getting into a "Limitless" mode.