Old, fat and unfit: the most serious mission
My latest mission and how the mission became routine with the strenght of habit..

 A very simple Mission would be walking around the block each day. Twice! Hey if you are going to struggle, circle the block only once, but place some heart and mind into it. As with all things, you have to struggle a little, rewards will come but it takes some effort at the very start especially if very unfit. The first steps are the most difficult ones.

My latest mission started about April 2012 when I moved to a tiny one room apartment not too far from the seaside. This was/is my ticket out of the never ending routine of eating, drinking, watching TV and generally fattening up to get me to an early death. At 50 you are at a stage of your life where you should tread carefully, there's not much margin of error at this age.. either you sort yourself out or you'll get to the point where getting out of it will be impossible; this is do now, and do well, or die.

I said I was going to change and here I was, one very early morning in April on my first day of my first mission.  A year previous to this I did go through a winter where I spent a fair amount of time in a swimming pool so in a way I was not totally out of shape but in between that winter and this winter I had managed to cram an incredible amount of unhealthy activities, lots of work at the pc for very little money causing me to seek comfort in food and wine.

Now with a BMI of about 39 my weight reducing efforts of the previous year were pretty much gone, if anything maybe my muscles were not exactly flaccid and untrained, yet this was the heaviest I had ever been in my whole life and I didn't feel very good at all with myself, my body sending me strange danger messages like cold sweats after rushing up the stairs, head spinning and shortness of breath after spending 5 minutes kneeling behind the desk unplugging some utilities, or even  breathing difficulties when sitting behind the wheel of my car.

My Mission was going to be: -- get up at six, grab the bicycle, ride it to the seaside, swim at least 30 minutes, ride back home--  that's it, this was my mission to be performed each and every day.

So long as I did this, my mission was accomplished and I could then carry on doing do whatever else I wanted to do, that meant  the usual time at the pc to earn my pittance, then cooking some great dishes (I worked as a cook once)  eating, drinking some great wine from the local farmers, slouch on the couch watching survival documentaries.