My Mission still going strong, two years on!
Yes I lost tons of weight, nope I haven't spent any time on the site.

It is today march 20, 2014 and from that day in the past I have lost 26 kilos. During this past winter I swam about 60  times in the sea, who knows what that effort burns in calories, I am still heavy and fat but fairly fit, I can now do 30 miles on the mountain bike carrying 20kgs of shopping and it takes me about 2:30 hours.
The above paragraph I simply tweaked it from the old to accommodate the new stats. As I said previously, big Google sends me no people so I don't care to update this site, once a year it seems it'll have to do! I do keep a daily diary of the mission, with photos and stats and impressions but I do it mainly for me so it is in Italian. Oh well, never mind.
Anyway, here's the stats about how the mission has developed during this year, just writing as if I would be speaking, as there's no chance I'll spend more than 20 minutes on a site that nobody reads!
So, the Mission developed in that it isn't a mission any more. I just know that I have to go and swim, and I look forward to it. During this time I have become more of a swimmer in that I have started to mingle with other swimmers online, I have started to read about swimmer's achievements throughout the years and throughout the world and the whole swimming thing has been broadened, in my mind. I still go there, swim and come back but I think of all the people who are swimming in swimming pools and experiencing line rage, chlorine, prices going up etc etc.

I have also read up about Ice Swimming which I have never really known anything about, the only Winter Swimming I have done without a wet suit,  it was me pioneering it in my own way, discovering how my body reacted to the sport, not really knowing if it was a sport, following my own methods, as if it had never been done before and I was the first man on earth doing it, or maybe the last man on earth and there were no books about it.

Whatever the case, I have now found a trillion different resources from people who enjoy winter swimming and so I dived into it and fed my mind with lots of knowledge, and that made me more mature as a winter swimmer, I am now not pioneering anything much any more, even though I was pleased to learn that my methodology wasn't any different from the one followed by professionals, in some cases they differ and I do think that mine is better, so I'll stick to mine, thank you.
But reading up from other people's experiences did allow me to fast forward on many things and and as a result I managed to swim much more than last year. The first year I lost about 20kgs, it was all easy fat to lose, then for a year I have lost exactly zilch but I have become fit, and have transformed the mission into the normal life,  a life of a person with a hobby, a daily hobby, a hobby that I look forward to get stuck into and so now I have just entered part two of my mission, which will allow me to get rid of the difficult fat, once and for all. The mission has become a mission again by simply introducing a couple of not so funny rules to it. Moderation in the intake of food. And that's what I call "phase II of the mission".
It has been about 6 days now that I have entered phase II of the mission and have lost what seems to be about 4 kgs already.. my scale is a lil funny sometimes but it doesn't matter, here's what happened.
As I said, I have upped the swimming, I am more professional about it and more disciplined, it's automatic now, I waste no time I just go there, swim fairly hard, come back. And love doing it, weather was pretty bad in January and only did 6 times but then it cleared and from this February 11th till today March 20th I have missed just the one day and that's because it was pouring it down. And I am LOVING IT.

Ok I have explained it that I don't suffer it as a mission any more, it is normal life while at the beginning my @ss really hurt on the bicycle and I didn't know how not to bring sand into the shower and hundreds of similar teething issues which complicated things.
I now got to a point that I am burning so many calories without even realizing, as I am fairly fit and don't suffer one bit while burning them.

In this state of things I only have to eat a little less, cut a tiny beat on the intake that the fat will start to go, and that is resurrect the mission... get it to stage II as in "now you have had your fun let's suffer a little bit again", let's introduce a nourishment rule. You know you will find it a bit hard at first but soon it'll be like with everything else, you'll get used to it and will get on with it and things will be ok once more but you'll be losing tons of weight. And if you are having fun with the swimming and cycling with still about 25kgs on you, can you imagine how free you'll be when there'll be no extra weight on you? Wow yeah let's have that!! Fcuck food, let's do it.

And now, little more effort till I get used to it: eat less, more regular and more balanced. It doesn't have to be maniacal but the rule now wants me to eat a small plate of pasta (50 small pennette!) dressed with a small amount of proteins, (either meat or fish) one spoon of olive oil on top and grate some seasoned cheese and with it, an espresso. That is the fuel for the fast 30 mins swim and pedaling fast 10 miles to get there and back. When I get back I eat whatever I want, so long as it has ZERO calories. Up to me. So that's huge salads, dressed only with vinegar, lemon, ginger, lemon basil, oregano etc. I am allowed a spoon of oil and a spoon of majo and a spoon of mustard with the salad. That is it, and keep up with the swim and cycle and see what happens. I used to eat ever 6 times that pasta in one day, and maybe with bread. Tons of meats and pizzas etc, anything. And salads with plenty of different kinds of oils. How did this drastic cut in food feels? It has been about 5 days now.

It feels VERY easy, surprisingly enough! It helps that I do know that this rule will become second nature just like the swimming has become. I had by now grown a little restless in that I was not living a mission any more, more like enjoying a sport which then became an Extreme Sport in the winter, but not a slimming mission in that I was not losing any more weight. And anyway the more fat you have on you, the less you feel the cold water! So that's a way to capitalize on the fat you have on but the summer is coming in a few months and I'll now burn about 10 kilos by then, not by doing more than I do now, nothing changes, except food intake and for that, almost no effort is required, I am already fine with it.

And that's it really, I do feel that my body is a little undernourished in the sense that I recognize how it feels when the body is digging into its fat reserves, I learned that feeling when I did my water fasts. And this is what is happening now, however the plate of pasta I eat, by eating it a couple of hours before the exercise it isn't as if I am under nourishing myself, maybe that pasta actually finishes as I am pedaling home each day, I am not sure, fact is in less than a week I have gone from looking at a needle in the scale that used to go the wrong side of 100 and now it stays the right side, heading steadily for the 95 goal and then it has to go the right side of 95 too, it will, it is just a matter of time now. So, yes I do sometimes feel like I am missing out on stuffing my face with a steak or chicken or tons of pasta, salami, bread what have you, however it is similar to when I gave up smoking and the urge to light up came up. I just knew it wouldn't last more than 3 minutes, I knew I wasn't going to smoke anyway so the urge came and went by itself. Leaving a satisfied me in the knowledge that I was going ahead with what was then my non smoking mission.
Same thing now, I eat those 50 pennette with maybe some 4 oysters and 4 mussels and that is it and when finished I have no urge to eat more, I just look at what time it is as I need at least 2:30 hours to digest and then I can have fun swimming and hopefully it is sunny and calm, without anyone there!
Life is good.

till the next..