The Guide's structure is very important
Understanding each and every point made will make the difference between success and failure
What made it possible for me to give up smoking at will, is the knowledge of how the vice works. Before acquiring this knowledge, what made me fail each and every attempt to give up smoking was the lack of information and knowledge of the vice.

So, to enable the reader to give up smoking I will do my best to place on this site all this information. By no means one should expect he/she will be able to give up smoking without being totally committed: giving up smoking is tough and is one of the most difficult things I achieved in my life, yet it is relatively easy.

For instance, if I compare it to learning English, I'd say it is about ten times more difficult to learn English than to give up smoking.
The thing with learning how to give up smoking isn't about learning what I will say words by heart but by understanding certain concepts. Simply knowing things won't cut it, one must understand fully, else one will fail.

To quote Einstein: "Any fool can know. The point is to understand." And Again: "Information is not Knowledge". This concept applies to what I will be saying here, it is important to understand that while I might give the reader information, it is up to the reader to turn that information into knowledge. I will personally do my best to go over certain parts many times, and the reader should maybe collect the main points I'll be making and place them all in one spot, maybe writing them by hand.

Einstein also explained that everything should be simpler, here I often fail, in that I don't have the gift of synthesis so you will all have to sift through the (many) words.. however I'll try to structure this "guide" so as to facilitate going through it.

One very important part of this method is the structure and framework of the method itself, you will be able  to fill the framework and structure with knowledge you may pick up from a variety of sources, not only from me.

I am going to tackle the problem from various angles, it is up to the reader to further research and learn about each angle.

It is important to understand that the more knowledge one picks up and understands, the easier it will become to fight the nicotine vice, there should be no hurry in going over the given info, this is something to be done slowly and surely, and btw while you are reading, do make sure you enjoy those cigarettes you are smoking, at this stage there's no point in feeling guilty about smoking them so you might as well enjoy :)

Dripping Water
Smoking can be compared to a dripping tap and a long trip. If you go on the trip while leaving a dripping tap behind, during the trip there will be no difference to the trip itself but upon your return home, you might find a ruined home, you might not even find the home at all, submersed by all that water.

Imagine having been able to close the tap on your smoking, 15 years ago. How many cigarettes would that have spared to your lungs? And honestly speaking, do you think that had you NOT smoked these last 15 years you would have missed out on something? would your life now be poorer in any way had you NOT make your lungs and heart go through all those cigarettes?
Ponder on this one every now and again and see if you can come out with your own analogy..