From Fat and (very) Unfit On..
Where I am, and what I should do to get to a different reality where I will be fitter.

This is yet another article which talks about the starting point, - in this case the point  I am at - in my quest, my mission to get fit, so that I will then be able to lose some fat off my body.  There's another article where I am at the very beginning of my losing weight adventure, I advice to read everything, it isn't important for you to follow word by word everything I say, rather it is more importanto to just loosely read everything fstarting from the beginning, once, twice and move onto the next articles in a slow way, day by day  so as to sink all these notions in, pondering about them as you live your normal life.
Btw, this isn't necessarily about obese people but about ME and how I am going to be losing my fairly massive amount of weight and since there seem to be plenty of people with the same problem as I have, while doing it I am typing about it, so hopefully I'll get to help someone by shining a little light onto the path.
Talking about me helps in a way because I talk about being fat, obese, unhealthy and all these seemingly offensive terms.. nobody has to worry because I am talking about my own self.

So, here we are, totally obese 50 years old with a BMI of almost 40, fairly unfit and wanting to "lose weight". I placed "lose weight" in quotes because those two words are such a classic amongst obese and overweight people.

Much of Northern America wants to "lose weight"... not many really care about "getting fit" and so most of them end up staying FAT and upon failing their quest of "losing weight" they'll be also SAD and sorry, at best.
all in the quest of "losing weight". Have you ever heard anyone saying that they have tried everything? That's what I am talking about. It isn't about getting a grip with the situation but about collecting ways to try to lose weight. It might as well be a new hobby..
Q "what do you do with your time?" A " I try to lose weight".

Looking to buy some pills or the latest "weight shredding supa shoes" isn't going to help, all it does is make you mind feel less guilty about it all but this is a double edged blade because in the long term these little failures will add up to make you feel like this losing weight battle is just too heavy to fight, or to put it into different terms you will feel like you are "genetically destined to be fat" or you'll feel that it just takes too much "willpower" to lose weight and so you'll give up trying.. naturally this will be so only till the next time you are reminded that you simply MUST lose weight or you'll stop walking, you'll stop working, functioning, you'll generally grow more and more unhealty and you might even die.

So, in order to feel like we are doing something, we are constantly looking for new ways to "lose weight".  40% of our waking hours are governed by either worrying about losing weight or about making the mind happy that something is getting done about the FAT that's piling up.

We are going to work on all this.  I will (loosely) go into how I do it while going on about the whys and hows and in the end hopefully people will not simply want to "lose weight" but they will want to get their bodies to be fit and powerful and ready for action: eventually their weight won't be an issue anymore, they'll slowly learn about their bodies and how they work and slowly they'll begin to learn how to be fit and strong and when it will be all over and dealt with, they won't even realize they did it and should they ever get into a time of laziness and inactivity and fat once more.. they will know how to deal with it, they'll know what to do to get out of it.  Getting fit is like a big game, a set of steps to be taken.

In my case, one of the reason I have accumulated fat is because I fought a great war against nicotine, and won. During my war, I was allowed anything and everything, I could eat and drink and just watch TV, I could do just about anything so long as I did not smoke.

And just like when fighting that war on nicotine, now that I am starting to fight my battle towards a fitter body I will more or less use the same principle, basically I won't overdo anything, I will take it one step at the time so as to gradually ease my body into the new reality, without any shocks and without suffering too much..