Fat and (very) Unfit
That's where I am starting from! This can be seen as the starting point of my journey into fitness.

[fast forward to March 4, 2013]

After winning my 5 years "war" with nicotine, my body is now obese, flaccid, flabby, soft, weak, slack and all those good thing together.. in other words I am now very fat and totally unfit.

I am 181 cms tall and weight 123 kgs but my weight isn't stable, in fact it keeps on going up because I eat a lot, Idon't move and I do drink wine and beer, so it's high time to start battling again, this time it'll be a battle against fat deposits on my body, I am looking forward to start getting into it as it will be a change of style and I do like change.

This article is about the concept of "being fat" and "being unfit" and the difference between the two, it won't tell anyone how to "lose weight" yet everything you read on this site will help you in the losing weight battle so just read on and build your foundations.

By being fat we generally mean having excess fat all around the body, fat is stored as a source of energy in case there'll be scarcity of food in the future and when "fat" we mean that this excess fat is all over our body, on our tummy, legs, face, arms, it really depends on the individual but generally the fat is there, it can be seen and felt and touched.

By unfit, I mean that the body doesn't have any stamina, muscles aren't used and they even forgot what it means to actually work and be muscles, with many overweight people we discover that they have been unfit all their lives, do not know what "being fit" means and this in my mind is the difference between people who are ALWAYS fat and normal, occasional fat people, the ones who sometimes get fat (and even obese, that would be me) but they also know why they get fat and how and what to do to shed their fat and become "normal" again.

You can be thin and unfit and you can be fat and fit. Thin and unfit people can be those who starve themselves, you can find great examples amongst models, bulimic people, many teenagers and all those people who don't know their bodies but still manage to stay slim and never accumulate any extra fat by the expedient of undernourishing their body.

These people are unfit in the sense that they don't use their muscles any more than your average very obese individual, they simply starve their body and so they have no fat and very often they have no muscles either.

We could safely state that when obese and carrying twice as much bodyweight around as you should carry, your body is actualy way fitter than many of these catwalking undernourished sticks. This simply because carrying fat around does take an effort, it is also been found that overweight people will burn more calories than unfit, thin people.

I have about 50kgs of fat on me and I carry it everywhere I go. For people that don't understand kgs, let's say that more or less that's the same weight as 12 gallons of water. My BMI is 37.54, I am 50 years old and I take no medicines, not too long ago I went for a check up and doctor said that I was ok, just!

So, everywhere I go I carry all this massive amount of extra weight and although I am unfit, I am less unfit than many thin people, in that my body is used to function having to log all this weight..

Still, because of all this extra weight on me, I find it very difficult to perform certain tasks like stand on one leg while putting trousers on, my belly in front of me is now so large that it's getting to the point that soon I won't be able to bend enough to put my shoes on, -right now I cross my leg sideway and do it that way- as you grow heavier and heavier  andyour body changes, you learn all these tricks so you carry on living a normal life.

I certainly haven't been able to run for a number of years now, all the extra weight makes it hard on the knees and back etc etc.

So, now that you have a better picture of the state I am in, this is the first thing I will do in order to get in better shape: I will start getting fit, so that when I will be fit I will have a better chance of shedding the actual fat deposits.

In other words from fat and unfit I will have to start by getting a little bit fitter, very gently so as not to hurt my body in the process, the fitter I become, the more I can push my body in order to burn more calories wich equates to burning fat.