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This page holds a collection of places with further information about the topics we deal with.

- Nicotine, as defined from The International Programme on Chemical Safety
- Nicotine, used in the 1850 murder of Gustave Fougnies in Belgium
- Nicotine, the nerve poison details about its toxicity
- A nice collection of resources  about giving up smoking
Here All Dr Herbert M. Shelton lectures in MP3s 1.6GB
Learn the secrets to having abundant energy, vitality and health. Dr Shelton outlines the truth about human energy and health in this classic audio recording. Hear the greatest health authority of the 20th century.
In honor of Dr. Shelton, please share this invaluable education in natural health with your family and friends.
Credit goes to Diogenez from His site Here for trasferring these lectures from tape to MP3s to share it with the world.
- A nice Youtube video published on Feb 7, 2014 Dr Herbert M. Shelton discusses What, When & Why to Eat, & How to Eat. 1:31:00
- An important resource about giving up smoking
- Addiction Guide was created to provide the most comprehensive up-to-date information about various addictions and how to overcome them.

- Their aim is to increase prescription drug safety and awareness in order to help save lives
This is where I keep my swimming log which has really become the place where I talk about the mission as it unfolds, daily. In Italian.