Let the Mission turn to habit
When the mission turns to habit, it becomes part of our normal routine, and it goes by itself: it is fun.

Dealing with your body in this way is like when you train a dog or a cat to perform some tricks for you, the key factor on which you can apply some leverage is FOOD and with the lure of food, you can slowly get your animal accustomed to perform certain tricks and do certain things which it would normally not do.

And just like you do with animals, after they have learned a new trick you don't carry on giving them a treat each time they do the trick, when the trick is not new any more it will have to be performed just for the asking, because it is easy and normal now...
the same goes with our bodies, just give your body a treat the very few times it performs a "trick" and soon the trick won't be a trick but a normality, a habit and that's when you introduce a new trick, and so on.

There are not only "new tricks" that we want to teach our bodies to perform but also we will have to teach our body to "do without" certain other treats that they are used to.

It all starts to sound not so much fun, yet there is always fun in how I "fight my wars", because I am not that strong willed an individual, I am also quite lazy and tend to be less active than others etc etc, the fun part comes from the whole process, the "mission" will start to be fun as soon as the results will start to come in and often, it is fun way before I see any results, the "fun" can be the peace of mind that comes to you when you go to bed at night and think that yes you are now on a mission, you are doing fine with your mission and so long as you carry on doing what you have to do you can rest assured that it is only a matter of time before you will start seeying results.

Basically you are onto something. Yes you are fat and obese but this is now a transitory state, not only you are NOT going to get any worse, not only you are stable at your weight but your weight is going to get down, just keep on with the mission, it is not difficult to do and it feels safe to do.

The mission is my one way ticket on a trip about turning from an obese and very heavy unfit individual who's having problem in cutting his toe nails into an easy going person who dashes about life effortlessly performing 10 times more tasks than ever before.

You might be still totally fat and obese, but just the knowledge that so-long-as-you-keep-at-this-mission just like you are doing, you can pat yourself on the shoulder that you are on the way to the end of the tunnel.. that's a good feeling and a lot of FUN.

So, since we are lazy and we want stuff for nothing, we will "trick" our body to the new dimension without our body really knowing it, effectively cheating our body into doing stuff without knowing it is doing it, simply using the power of HABIT and CONTINUITIVITY.

They sound like complicated words, (indeed it should be CONTINUITY (lol!) but I liked the word :)

for complicated actions but trust me this is just me struggling with the language, using any words I can come up with in order to "convey the message"...

There is nothing complicated about what I do to get to the new "me"... there, for once I haven't used the cliche' "losing weight" because I will only lose weight as a consequence of the actions that I will perform in order to be the new "me", in other words if you are out to "lose weight" you might even "lose your weight" but then You will also "gain weight back" because if you are "fat", you are fat even if you "lose your weight". It is to do with the mindset not with the body. The body is only a reflection of the mindset.

I hope by now I managed to come across with the concept that we do not want to simply "lose weight", instead we want to be "fit people", or more simply lets say that we just want to be normal people..

and I'll get back to talk about me now and I'll say that what I am after is not "losing weight" but I want to be "my normal me" and my normal me is a fit guy who dashes about, the example of mens sana in corpore sano, which literally means "healthy mind in a healthy body"..