I Have Conquered Nicotine
Here I am, boasting this simple fact: I am the master of Nicotine.

What does this mean? It means that I have not smoked a single cigarette, pipe, roll-up since may 2010, in other words my body has been Nicotine free since may 2010 it is now February 2013 and I am free of any Nicotine addiction.

I don't need Nicotine, I don't think about Nicotine, you can blow nicotine in my face and  I won't mind, you can light up a cigarette and I can smell the match and I can see you take that first inhale and I won't give a toss about it, I am not addicted to Nicotine and I don't miss Nicotine.

And here comes the good part: If  I wanted I could share a cigarette with you, I could then share a packet of cigarettes with you and I could start smoking for a good 2 months till the Nicotine Vice gets hold of my system all over again till I crave cigarettes and tobacco just like I always did for the 30 years of my life that I have smoked.. and then, I can give it right up.

Yep, that's the point of what I am trying to say. I am the Master of Nicotine, after so many years of being a slave to this demon, I gave it up, and when I was totally free from it, I started smoking again so that I could give it up once more!!! 

It sounds like a farce doesn't it, it sounds just like the same old story of the smoker who finds it very easy to give it up, indeed he gives it up soo many times but it also means that every time he started smoking again and that's a farce.

But nope, mine is the story of a person who for 30 years was a doormat to the Nicotine Demon and when he eventually BEAT IT, it beat it so hard that beating it into submission became a bit of a *sport* and the revenge for so many years of feeling like a failure to the nicotine addiction caused me to not only beat it once but many times, and each time I started smoking again, I did it in a cold and controlled way, after being free for maybe 8 months, one year, I started it for one or two months just to get addicted and then I gave it up AGAIN!!

As I said at the beginning, I am now NOT addicted and if I wanted I could get addicted because I don't fear it any more and I don't fear it because I have learned how to beat it.

Am I going to get addicted to it again? Nope thank you very much, I did that FIVE TIMES just to PROVE IT TO MYSELF that if there's a doormat here it isn't me but Nicotine itself, I became addicted and I beat it a whole 5 times and now there's no more proving to be done.

Image of Hope
Maybe if there was to be a reason for it, I would, something like a controlled environment where I had to do the proving to a panel of doctors or something similar, but that is not going to happen and so I am never going to get addicted to Nicotine ever again, this giving up and starting again gave me so much strength that I am now beating other demons into submission, solitude, cold, various fears, hunger itself.. but these are other topics that i might get into at a later stage.

This is what drives me to write this, for many long years I have always thought that if there was a man capable to beat this terrible vice and this man was able to share his technique with the world, he would possibly become very rich, or at least wealthy if we consider the extent of the gift this man possesses.

Well, I am that man and I have learned many things since believing that stuff and here I am trying to attempt to share my technique and my knowledge

with everyone, I will try to share this "gift" and forget becoming rich, I am going to do it for free and if I manage to help even only one person to beat this terrible vice, then I'll be contented enough.. but I don't want to fool anyone here  I do know that this will eventually help not one but many, many people. Once on the net, forever on the net, I might not have such a great command of words but
time is on my side, I have infinity! What drives me? Revenge. I want to provide people with ammo, the ammo that they will need to fight the evil nicotine that's in the tobacco plant.

Yes indeed because to beat the evil plant you just need lots and lots of tiny pieces of knowledge, which combined with a little amount of your own willpower (not THAT MUCH is needed) you will then beat the nicotine demon into submission! This way I will have beaten it 5 times on my own body and then I'll beat it one more time each time some other guy beats it.

My vendetta against the Tobacco plant is going to be slow, systematic and forever! Step by step I'll build a pyramid of ammo, from where people will be able to stand on, to fight their Nicotine addiction to NIL.