Watching out for bad advice from people who know no better.
Bad get Fit Advice will hurt your body and undermine your confidence.

How do you warn people about bad advice without being negative? And if you don't know any better, how can you distinguish bad advice from good advice? Let us try to do both by simply making sense.

Some people might  advice you to go running round the block, you might get this "advice" once or twice a week from people who "know".  It starts with you saying that you are starting to do about your weight and before you know it, they are telling you to just get some running shoes so that you can go running in the park.

You politely tell them that you can't really run and just when you are about to tell them that at this point you are too heavy for that kind of stuff they start telling you that if you can't run around the block then you should run whatever you can run for, and the day after you should force yourself to run further.

By telling you this, they are hurting you twice. This is very bad advice from two points of view.

Why running isn't something to do when you are heavy.

1) If you are heavy and you try to run, you will place unnecessary stress on your knees and back, and if you are also unfit, you could damage to your heart. As soon as you start "running" your body will beging to send all sorts of messages telling you that this is NOT something that you should do, that it is hurting, that is is bad and that if you don't stop you might even drop to the ground and have a heart attack.

2) Unless you are totally oblivious to your heart's danger messages, you will then STOP trying to run and maybe go home, beaten in body and in mind by the newly found (fake) knowledge that "this isn't you" that "you have tried but it is just too difficult" and that "you are destined to be fat forever".

So, even if you survive the running attempt, from then on you will carry this new failure with you and your self confidence will be further undermined, which will make it even more difficult for you to achieve your getting fit goal.

You want to get fit, not die in the attempt of getting fit, so you have to learn to defend yourself from external factors (bad advice from clueless people) which are not only going to slow you down because if you follow their path you will at the very least lose your confidence, but you might even hurt yourself by placing your body under unnecessary stress at a time when your body simply cannot take it.

So what you do is, just work out how much extra weight you have on you, you don't have to be exact, simply check out your BMI then take *the weight you should be* from *the weight you are*  and you will know the rough amount of weight you are carrying about. 

Then to make it easy to understand, work out how many GALLONS OF WATER your extra weight amounts to. Even the dumbest person will have an idea of what a gallon of water looks like.  Now, I am very overweight with a BMI of 38.54. In my case my extra weight equates to almost 15 gallons of water!

So, next time someone told me to start running and this included FIT TRAINING INSTRUCTORS I would simply tell them  "dude you are FIT and healthy, how about you stick 15 gallons of water to your back and THEN show us what you are made of.."

else stop coming up with bad advice..