A few words about this site.
This is the page where I'll try to explain what this site is all about.
This site is to be considered a cross between a personal diary and a togetherness of information I have collected over my whole life.

It is a  site about getting fit and getting fat, so that then you get fit again. The site starts from the idea that many people don't have a clue where to start from and I do, I have always known.. so I simply try to dissect what I know, analyze why I know it, where I got it from, where I have made mistakes in the past and how I have fixed them, how  I gained weight and how I lost it and how I gained it again to then lose it again once more and how I myself deal with the problems associated with losing weight, which hopefully will help others deal with their own problems while trying to get fit and shed weight.

I am self taught and I keep on learning every day just by simply being me and letting my inquisitive mind lose onto the massive amount of info that is the net, life, people, our surroundings.

Please do not take any of what I say here as a definite thing, I am just a man who is constantly learning and what I place here is to be taken as it is, I am by no mean an authority, just a person and as such I do make mistakes so everything you read here is for information only, no responsibility is taken nor implied, if you are in doubt about any of what you read here, just do not follow it. Said this, where possible I will provide as much info of my sources as I can and this is what this site will be all about, a togetherness of advices, coming from all sources, through my words.