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Welcome to my Health Site!
This isn't a site about "Losing Weight" but about getting Fit.
We are about shedding weight by correcting bad habits, the focus is NOT on the weight loss.
Imagine the person who wants to be happy but isn't concentrating on how to be happy, he's concentrating on making money, because the assumption is that when you have money you are automatically happy. How untrue.
Much in the same vein, people want to "lose weight" because then they'll be healthy, they'll have a better body, they'll live longer. But often the exact opposite is true.
We'll try to explain how to condition our mind to live healthily, then the "weight loss" and all the other good things will come naturally as a consequence.
Why getting Fit? Because being unfit is a major drag
Trying to lose weight so you can live better? How about trying to live better so you lose weight?
This site is a means to document my own methods and experiences. I have achieved a number of great results  and by this I will go over everything as I have experienced it myself, through collecting info via various means and then living it in first person to then either accepting it as knowledge or discarding it as nonsense. This is a work in progress and it is only meant as a guideline, everything  you read here is for information only and it might not necessarily work (or even be safe) for you.
read on...
Knowledge is Power
The more you know, the better off you will be. Since Knowledge is Free, what's keeping you?
Starting point: Fat and Unfit, From fat and unfit and on
• Eating Right.
My Own Missions, the 2012 Mission.
Get into Limitless Mode.
Mind Conditioning and fooling your body.
Bad Advice, Good Advice, It isn't difficult at all.
• Good food is often cheaper, daily shopping.
• The Mission Explained.
Smoking and how to conquer it. Part 1 (march 2013)

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